Maso Maroni
Contrada Maroni
37142 Verona – Italy
Tel. + 39 045 8700753
Patrizia cell. +39 340 2395588


Maso Maroni was born in the mists of time, where the earth is shaped and sculpted in terraces, where sun shines from morning to evening and gives an unmistakable identity to the grapes. All this makes this place unique, exciting and enchanting. Our work here is meant to interpret this territory and the vines we grow on it.



Our goal is to produce wines that offer intense emotions, and that tell about the feelings that this territory has always transmitted to our family. It is a work of great responsibility and great satisfaction.

We respectfully take care of the delicate maturation of the grapes and pay the same respect when we bring them to the cellar. We work to produce unique wines based on full harmony and devotion to the environment that has been passed on to us.


Maso Maroni is located on the hills North of Verona, at an altitude of about 300 m a.s.l. and precisely in the hamlet of Maroni located just passed the small village of Santa Maria in Stelle.

Its exposure and the flow of air currents coming from the South during the night hours, generate thermal changes that cause a peculiar microclimate always ventilated and dry.


Our dedication to quality begins in the vineyards. From the clonal selection and the choice of the best rootstock, through winter pruning respecting the resting times of the vines, then a careful management of the green and a very selective harvest when only the best grapes are picked.

Guyot trained vines of Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella have been planted with a density of approximately 5000 plants per ha. All vineyards are terraced and supported by the classic “Marogne”, traditional stone drywalls, a typical example of rural architecture in Valpollicella.


In our vineyards we practice the RRR Protocol (In Italian: Riduci, Risparmia, Rispetta. In English it translates: Reduce, Save, Respect) which consists in the use of products with a low environmental impact, excluding pesticides and herbicides, aiming to a maximum sustainability. In fact, grapes are the expression of our love for the earth. For this reason we use only drip irrigation systems that allow us to irrigate the roots accurately, taking care of water consumption.

Our mission is to respect the environment we belong to, to enhance its potential and to express its quality at best. Our desire is to make you appreciate our emotions, experience and passion with each bottle of our wine. Passion for Wine and Earth. In order to produce excellent wines of character and personality, it is essential to know the territory and the vines that are cultivated in it, to enhance their characteristics while respecting the environment.